Weltsafari and Weltsafari Production is a creation by Florian Recklebe.

The creator:

Born 1987 in east Germany, touched my first camera at the age of 12. Fascinated by the technical aspect of film photography and capturing light, the vision of preserving moments became a mission in the first years behind the camera. In the last years, the focus changes more and more to create moments and to create an own reality via photography. The hunt for perfection in light, composition, and message.

Inspired by:

Gregory Crewdson    –    David Lynch

The beginning:

Weltsafari.com started as a travel blog in 2013, but fast I realized that words are not my way of communicating with the world. Fast I went back to shutter time and aperture to express myself.

The name:

Weltsafari is a language mix of German and Swahili. “Welt” means world and  “Safari” means journey – welcome to my world journey.